sweeping the nation’s college campuses. But a group of young men at Oberlin proved to the country that despite differences in race and ethnicity, and in spite of the pressure of personal stances during time of war, a common cause can unify diverse people.

    In one of the most competitive small-college conferences in the country, led by Al Wellington and Randy Miller, the Oberlin “Yeomen” came together, met every challenge, overcame every obstacle and inspired an entire campus and the surrounding community. “Oberlin Fever” spread throughout north central Ohio like wildfire and showed the limitless possibilities of like-minds working in harmony.

    In the post-season Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament, Oberlin rolled over the competition in the preliminary rounds, setting the stage for the all-important championship game that Wellington and Miller had pledged to win three years earlier. Excitement and passion grew steadily on campus as the “Obies” marched step by exhilarating step toward their destiny of winning it all: the OAC Basketball Tournament Championship!

    Feel the electricity of the underdogs and their frenzied fans as they unleash a torrent of athleticism and will power, battling every opponent into submission as they inch toward the goal they were determined to achieve.

Oberlin Fever – square up and catch it!

Oberlin Fever

A Championship Spirit in Black and White

by Al Wellington and Randy Miller

  1. Oberlin Fever

  2. paperback, 2011

  3. 200 pages, 10”x7”

  4. 140 photo illustrations

  5. $18.95

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  1. Oberlin Fever

  2. paperback, 2011

  3. 200 pages, 10”x7”

  4. 140 photo illustrations

  5. $18.95

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    Oberlin Fever chronicles the improbable victory of a college basketball team over an “unbeatable” rival, Wittenberg University – a perennial national powerhouse that had not lost to Oberlin in 18 years! But this story also shows how, during a time of turbulent racial conflict in the streets of our nation, unity was forged and history was made on the hardwood floor of a small liberal-arts college in Ohio.

    The book tells the story of the 1970 Oberlin men’s varsity basketball team. Two confident freshmen, recruited by a visionary coach to become winners, joined forces in 1967 and pledged in writing to “win the Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament Championship” before they graduated. This talented duo became roommates and shared a single incredible vision for their basketball team: they would be champions before they graduated. How their prophetic vision was realized is the core of this remarkably true David vs. Goliath tale.

    Although Wellington and Miller grew up in different states, they developed similar states of mind. Like his father before him, Wellington was the sole African American graduate of his class at McDonald High School in northeastern Ohio. Miller grew up as a preacher’s kid in Rochester, New York. The book examines how Al and Randy’s similar world-views were forged in the cauldron of 1960’s racial strife and conflict.

   Added to this volatile environment were the increasingly strident protests against the Vietnam War that were

Co-captains Miller (left)  & Wellington.*

Co-authors Randy Miller (left) & Al Wellington.

(Photo: Kristen Gellman)

1970 Oberlin College Varsity Basketball Team.*

Oberlin students with a message

for Pres. Lyndon Johnson, 1967.*

The championship game!

Oberlin (white uniforms) vs. Wittenberg.*

Oberlin student cheering section:

“We got the fever, we’re hot, we can’t be stopped!”*

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